Real-Time Text – LIVE Subtitles

Real-Time Text is perhaps the most remarkable feature of Translate Your Tour.  When your tourguide speaks, what he/she says is instantly turned into text in up to 20 languages.  What does this mean?  This means that people who are hard of hearing can read what the tourguide is saying like captions on a television.  And international visitors can read what your tour guide is saying as “live subtitles” in their choice of up to 20 languages all at the same time.  In fact, you can have an entire group of people from different countries, plus some people who are deaf, plus some people who are elderly, and everyone can understand every word.

Interactivity – Questions and Answers

Real-Time Text is also interactive.  If a visitor has a question, he/she can just text the question – in any language – into their smartphone and it will appear on the tour guide’s phone in the guide’s language.  When the guide answers, the answer is automatically translated for the visitor.

Remote Questions and Answers

More marvels of modern technology  –  visitors taking your personal mobile tour can ask questions of your concierge or receptionist – from anywhere on your property.  In this way, one person can provide personal service for dozens of visitors scattered on any floor, outside, in a garden, or any other location.  Your concierge or receptionist can answer questions varying from specifics on artists, to historical facts, “where is?” questions, and even help tourists locate their wandering children.