Global Insta-Chat Customer Service


Translate Your Tour is your own personal international customer service software compatible with almost all devices from smartphones to desktops.  Using Global Insta-Chat on your website reduces repetitive call volume while providing even more personalized service.  Drop the Global Insta-Chat or a link to the chatbox onto your website. Visitors click to open a text chat with you – from anywhere in any language – during your “open chat” hours.   Potential visitors ask about tours, reservations, advance ticket purchase, transportation…  the questions you hear daily.

Customer Service  Chat

A click on the chat icon brings up a chat box. The user types a question into the box, and you answer. The box can contain pictures and vary with the page and your answer. The “spoken text” setting permit staff to move around the room, yet hear questions as they arrive.

Translated Chat

If the question is not typed in your language, it will be translated for you, and your answer will be translated for them on reply.

Automated Answers

With Insta-Chat your answer can display an image to support your answer, some without need to involve your staff. “Where are you located?” can be automatically answered with a map to your location.


Discounts and Tickets

Or use chat to give the user an advance ticket or discount coupon to bring with them to your facility.