LIVE Real-Time Voice Translation


The most breathtaking feature of Translate Your Tour is the automatic voice translation in real-time, instantly as the tour guide speaks.  So, you could say that your tour guide speaks 20 languages!

Imagine – a bus group of Chinese tourists comes to your facility, and your tour guide only speaks English.  With TYT, the tour guide speaks in English, and the guide’s voice is automatically translated into a Chinese voice!  The Chinese visitors listen on their cell phones or over loud speakers.


When a visitor has a question, by using TYT’s “Ask Questions” feature, the foreign visitors can text questions to the tour guide in their own language.  The question is translated for the tour guide into English (or the guide’s language).  Then, when the tour guide then speaks the answer, the answer is heard in Chinese by the visitors.

And this real-time voice translation works in multiple languages at the same time.  If you have more than one language in the group, the tour guide’s voice can be heard in a different language by each tourist.  So, for example, the tour guide speaks in English, 2 people listen in French, another 5 in Spanish, and 3 in Arabic.

These amazing instant voice translations are accomplished through a combination of the newest technologies for recognizing speech (the tour guide) and translating voice technology called “synthesized computer voice” – like Siri of Apple’s iPhone, but in 20 languages at the same time!