Subtitles on Smartphones and Big Screen


Translate Your Tour provides everything to translate your audio and video, including both subtitles and audio voice options.  The TYT media translation software are so easy to use that your staff can translate your media, or request a free cost quote from the TYT professionals.


Subtitles are the text of the movie usually appearing on the lower fourth of a screen, often called “captions”.   Subtitles can be translated for foreign visitors, and subtitles in the original language are excellent for the hearing impaired.  Translate Your Tour supports up to 200 languages and dialects for any movie, and can display subtitles in up to 20 languages at the same time.

Subtitles are the easiest and generally least expensive of all media translation methods.  Importantly, with TYT technology your subtitles can appear in far more location than in the past:  on a movie screen, DVD, kiosk, smartphone, tablet, desktop or wall monitor. And TYT subtitles can be modified, improved, and changed anytime from online.

Because TYT subtitles can be viewed in so many ways, for the first time, your videos and audio can be offered in dozens of languages – at the same time!  For example, if your site has an introductory movie, a crowd of non-English language visitors can each select subtitles in their own language on their smartphones or tablets and click to start the subtitles when the movie starts.  Or a series of wall monitors can display the subtitles around the room.   For audio in kiosks or display monitors inside a museum or gallery, subtitles can be an option available at a touch.

Do-it-yourself Subtitles

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The TYT online subtitle software called Subtitle Your Video can be used by your own staff to subtitle your audio and video, or ask a TYT professional for a quotation.  As with all TYT software, you have our choice of translation methods:  use your own translators, request the help of TYT professionals, or click for automated translation and then ask a linguist to review and improve the automated results in the online software.