Marketing Software to Attract Visitors


Translate Your Tour offers much more than a personalized tour, it is also a marketing engine with everything built-in to increase traffic to your facility and create loyal visitors:

  • Marketing to drive new traffic
  • Increased visitor pleasure while inside your attraction
  • Post-marketing after their visit

All in a friendly, professional manner.   And all from the web, which means you can control, add, advertise, and market anytime you want.

TYT’s online software keeps track of your visitor information so that you can contact them with special deals and blasts that you create yourself using the do-it-yourself Contact Center or click to request professional marketing created and/or managed by TYT professionals.

Marketing Options

TYT marketing functions both on mobile and email, and offers all options that any marketing professional could desire.  Mobile and email marketing can contain images, audio, and movies.  Mobile blasts have a 40% open rate, and a 19.2% click-thru rate, the highest in the industry.  As a facility owner, you are in a perfect position to accrue cell phone numbers in a variety of ways, and then use these numbers to create a relationship with your visitors.

“Touch me” Marketing

Translate Your Tour offers the amazing “touch me” advertising.  As visitors walk or drive by your facility, the TYT technology recognizes their presence and sends an invitation, a warm welcome,  a discount, or a special announcement as they pass.  This new technology is a geo-locator that connects with smartphones that are bluetooth activated.  This technology has been used powerfully in Asia and is now growing in popularity in North America.

Tour Operators and Prospects

TYT’s marketing software is the ideal platform to encourage international tour operators, hotels, consulates, chambers, and other prospects to send visitors to your facility.   Translate Your Tour is equipped everything you need to translate your advertising and marketing.  Choose the translation approach that is best for you and for your budget.  TYT’s online interface enables your favorite linguist to translate, click for automated translation, or request translation by TYT professionals.

Building and Translating Your Marketing

TYT has an online interface for building and translating your mobile and email marketing blasts.  Click to upload pictures and movies, insert your marketing text, and upload and manage your contact database.  Using TYT in your facility will build your database every day you are open for business.  For international marketing, TYT’s mobile blasts and emails will automatically switch to the language of the recipient according to user preferences set on their device.   Also, your marketing movies or videomail can be translated either as subtitles or re-voiced into the language of the recipient.   For deepest savings on audio marketing, TYT provides synthesized computer voices that are auto-generated from text (like Siri on iPhone), or you can upload your own recording, or click to request a professional voice recording from TYW.