Post-Visit Promotions and Tickets


The Contact Center of Tranlsate Your Tour gives you the tools to create a relationship with your visitors, turning visitors into friends and fans.  Friendly contact with visitors after their experience at your facility can powerfully impact return visits and encourage spreading the word about you to their friends.  Translate Your Tour comes with a full marketing software package for pre-visit and post-visit marketing and remembrances, as well as early ticket request and entry coupons.

Thank You for Coming!

Use the Contact Center to say “Thank you for coming” after their visit.  Automatically include a souvenir photo of your facility as a reminder, plus a discount offer that they can click to “Forward to a Friend”.


Early Ticket Sales

Early ticket sales encourage visitors to commit to their visit.  When visitors “Buy a Ticket for a Friend”, this forwards your advertising.  These tickets can be controlled, scanned and logged using the features and codes provided by Translate Your Tour.


Special Promotions

Use this marketing software to send suggestions for other events, lectures, or festivals in your area.  Combine a visit to your facility with a discount on a local restaurant or entertainment.  Advertise special weekend deals with a B&B or attraction.