Translating Pre-Existing Audio & Video


TYT software offers 3 options for translating pre-scripted or pre-existing audio and/or video for tours and attractions:

(1)  Provide your own recording in any languages you have available.

(2)  Use the incredibly life-like computer voices (like Apple’s Siri) that turns written text into spoken audio voice using built-in synthesized speech technology.  Click to hear these amazing voices!

(3)  Click to request a professional recording by one of Translate Your World’s 1,000 voice talents. 
Click to audition fabulous international voice talent!

These numerous voice methodologies give you the opportunity to provide your media in multiple languages, often at low cost.  And to play the media translation in the manner most convenient to your facility.  Visitors can choose their audio language on their own smartphones or tablets, or the facility can deliver audio through headphones, kiosks, and speakers.   Language audio can also be a hybrid of professionally recorded and synthesized computer voices, making it less expensive to offer more languages than in the past.


Adding International Audio

To use your own recordings, simply include the name of the audio file (mp3) in the tour segment when you create your tour (see ‘Create Your Tour’).

To order professional recordings in any language,  just ask TYT to provide a free quote.

The third option is the synthesized computer voice option that can be amazingly impressive and life-like.  Not all languages are perfect, but some are truly remarkable.   The low price makes it possible to show respect for visitors from these cultures for a fraction of a human voice recording.   Just click to request voice files for your tour text and short movies.  These synthesized voices may not speak in the same speed as a movie, so is probably not the best option for a long video or movie.  If you missed them at the top of the page, click to check out these marvelous synthesized voices.