LIVE Real-Time Voice Translation


The most revolutionary feature of Translate Your Training & Courses is the automatic voice translation in real-time, instantly as the instructor speaks.  So, you could say that your teachers speak 20 languages!

Imagine – one teacher with students in 20 countries, and your teacher only speaks English.  With TYTC, your instructor speaks in English, and his or her voice is automatically translated into a Spanish voice, a Chinese voice, a French voice, and a Russian voice – all at the same time!  Your international students listen on their laptops, tablets, cell phones, or loud speakers.  Or, they can switch to select subtitles instead of voice.

New Freedom

TYTC creates a new freedom for teachers and schools – the freedom to teach in any language, in any country, and in any location.  Teachers can be live in a classroom or auditorium, or comfortably seated in their office or home.

The Changing Voice of Teaching…

These amazing instant voice translations are accomplished through a combination of two speech technologies combined with software and glossaries that are proprietary to TYTC for professional linguistic translation.

1)  The newest technologies for recognizing speech, and turning that speech into text.   This text is translated in a variety of ways that offer special quality controls for professional terminology that are not found with cheap internet translations.  (see “Translation Options”)

2)  The teacher’s words become spoken voices in other languages using the latest in “synthesized text-to-speech” technology.  Like Siri of Apple’s iPhone, but in 20 languages, this technology speaks your translation in real-time.  Students select their language of choice from a dropdown.  Click to hear some of these amazing computer voices:

Spanish computer voice
      French computer voice      English computer voices