LIVE Subtitles and Post-Subtitles


Real-Time Text is perhaps an exciting and remarkable feature of Translate Your Training & Courses. When your teacher speaks, what he/she says is instantly turned into readable text in up to 20 languages. What does this mean? This means that people who are hard of hearing or ESL can read what the teacher is saying like captions on a television show, while international students can read what your teacher is saying as “live subtitle text” in their choice.  Subtitles can be read in up to 20 languages simultaneously.   In fact, you can have an entire group of students from different countries, plus some people who are deaf, plus some people who are hard of hearing, and everyone can understand.

Subtitles are divided into:  (1)  LIVE Subtitles in real-time, and (2)  Post-Class Subtitles created after the course is over.  The main difference between the two is that LIVE Subtitles are created as the instructor is speaking, whereas Post-Calass Subtitles are perfored in a slower, more methodical manner.

LIVE Subtitles

As a class streams across the web, the teacher’s words can also be streamed LIVE in up to 20 languages simultaneously.  This concept alone is game-changing.  These LIVE Subtitles can be generated through 100% automation (automatic speech recognition followed by controlled automated translation), or a hybrid in which an interpreter’s voice is recognized and turns into subtitles through speech recognition.  LIVE Subtitles will never really be perfect, but are a fine “first pass”, and can be followed later with “Post-Class Subtitles”.  With LIVE Subtitles, there are simply too many moving parts to be error-free:  the teacher’s clarity of speech, the preparation of the technnical “dictionary”,  and the results of translation (see “Translation Options”).    There are ways to make the LIVE Subtitles extremely good, so will be a decision to be made by the teacher or institution.

Post-Class Subtitles

With Post-Class Subtitles,  on the other hand, there is the opportunity to assure perfection.  There is time to translate with care, review the results, and other advantages that come with having the time to do something right.  Post-Class subtitles can be created  “from scratch” in a variety of ways from a video of the class, or the LIVE Subtitles can be upgraded.  In either case, the final Post-Class subtitled result can be sold and viewed over and over again via the web.  And because is on the web, the content and translation can be  modified and improved at any time.

Creating LIVE Subtitles

There is an online interface for creating live subtitles.  In the classroom, on a laptop, tablet, or other device, the cursor is placed into a special field and the speech technology is started.  All that is spoken by the instructor will be recognized by the technology and automatically entered into that field.  Then, either that content will be automatically translated during its passage and forwarded to students, or an interpreter will echo what the instructor says in their language and the interpreter’s words – typed as subtitle text – will be distributed to the students.

Creating Post-Class Subtitles

There are several ways to create Post-Class subtitles, but whichever approach is taken, they will all eventually end up in the online software interface of TYTC’s partner software, Subtitle Your Video.  This software empowers you and your team to create marvelous professional subtitles and translate them in a wide variety of ways.  This software is fun to use, and is excellent for transcription (typing what the teacher said),  as well as for the subtitle creation phase and then for subtitle translation.