LIVE Interactivity


Interactivity is a remarkable feature of Translate Your Training & Courses.  Most remarkable is the fact that the interactivity is in up to 20 languages at the same time.   There is a field on each student’s screen where they can type comments, answers, or questions, then click to send.  If the text is not in the teacher’s language, it will be translated en route.  A list of student questions will appear on the teacher’s screen, from which the teacher can select those to answer during class, and answer others at a later time.

Are you there?

This same field and concept can be used to assure that the internet connections to students are still functioning, and that the course is being heard.  The farther the student is from a main metropolitan center, the greater the likelihood that they may periodically drop off the connection.  Or, perhaps, the students who are learning may have other distractions, and the teacher attempts to keep them focused.  There is a choice of a pop-up questions “Click to assure connection”, or the teacher can ask questions that demand an answer in the chat field.  In either case, this “Are you there?” feature tends to keep the organization a bit tighter.

Tests and Surveys

Translate Your Training and Courses includes features for multiple choice and a single essay question.  These tests or surveys can be taken LIVE when the class is engaged, or later via the web, as the teacher prefers.  These tests and surveys are also automatically translated or can be translated by a linguist using the online interface.