Global Recruiting Package


Translate Your Training & Courses offers the first recruiting software specifically for attracting, convincing, and conversing with international students and their parents.  The Global Recruiting Package includes:

(1)  Marketing software

Try the first easy-to-use marketing software designed specifically to attract global audience. Create and control international marketing campaigns right online from your laptop, then track your results with professional grade software that is easy to use.  Students like the mobile marketing component,  parents will like the desktop.  And this package also includes email and multimedia marketing, as well.

Use the professional mobile engagement marketing software to create worldwide campaigns as never before possible.  Includes a plan for campaign creation and execution in multiple languages. Plus multi-language follow up, registration, and mobile contact database building.


(3)  Presentation software for recruiters

Presentations can be between you and an auditorium or classroom full of students in another country, between you and a student considering taking your courses, or between you, the student, and his/her parents.   Your presentation slides as well as your presentation can be read / heard in multiple languages.  And your presentation is interactive on a global scale, because attendees, students, and parents can type questions and comments that are automatically translated for you.   Then your answers are translated into their language.


(3) Translating your presentation speech

And as you speak, what you say can be translated in the say you prefer:

  • 100% automatic:  the software hears what you say and automatically translates into other languages.  For conversing with individual students, teachers, and parents.  This is lowest budget international communication.
  • 50% automatic:  a transcriptionist types what you say in real-time, and the transcription will be automatically translated  For individual conversations coming closer to recruitment.  Can be transcribed “live” by almost any student at your school who can type quickly.
  • LIVE Streaming translation for large audience:  a translator types a translation as fast as fingers can fly.  Can be your student or a friend.
  • LIVE Streaming Interpretation for large audience:  an interpreter translates what you say at the same time as you say it!  Can be your interpreter, or click to request a qualified conference interpreter

A special interface is available to subtitle your videos.


(4)  Global Texting and Customer Service software