Features of Translate Your Tour

TYT is an ensemble is designed to provide a multi-language tour environment that is ideal for facilities.  Includes every option imaginable for tour patter, displays, show moderators, events:

What Translate Your Tour Brings to the Table

TYT Online Tour Creation Interface:  TYT provides a user interface for easy creation of a tour online.  Alternatively, an Excel with the tour content can be imported at a click. Pictures, movies, and audio will display with the text.  The appropriate media is selected from an online dropdown or derived from columns in the imported Excel.

LIVE Real-Time Voice Translation:  TYT software offers LIVE real-time speech translation of a tour guide and concierge. Translation occurs live as the person speaks in up to 20 languages at the same time.  This real-time translation can be viewed as subtitles or heard as synthesized computer voice on tourist device, wall, kiosk, other. Audition automated voices at:

LIVE Simultaneous Interpretation:  This voice-to-voice application is like an online mini-United Nations enabling the facility to provide simultaneous live voice translation with interpreters via the Web, or to play pre-recorded voice files according to timecode settings.

Subtitling Software:  TYT offers easy-to-use subtitling software where anyone can successfully subtitle for the Web, kiosk, DVD and more.  Offers 4 options for translation from automated to professional. To view a TYT Web subtitle player and click on the CC button to test its features go: https://www.translateyourworld.com/app/webroot/espn/subtitles.html

Global Insta-Chat:  An application in which text messages can be exchanged from/to any language with automated translation (improved by personal dictionaries).  Unlike other such applications, Global Insta-Chat includes pictures, audio, movies, subtitling, and other media.  Can be used to communicate via the web with prospective visitors, and used to answer questions between tour guide and visitors or between concierge and visitors from anywhere on the facility’s property.

Advertising and Marketing Software:  Powerful application for mobile marketing (40% open rate and 19.2% click-thru rate).  Also for email marketing in which TYT principal is Tier 1 Provider, therefore includes database of millions of double-opt-in email addresses divided by category (not purchased mailing lists from open market).

Geo-Location Marketing software:  For visitors with Bluetooth enabled, personal messages and invitations appear on visitor’s smartphones as they pass near the facility.  Theoretically, PocketGuide could become a major marketing tool also for locals in a city – not only for tourists – through this Bluetooth advertising capability.

Professional Services:  TYT offers all professional services as optional add-on including professional translators, professional interpreters, and professional voice talents in 70 countries.  Audition international talent at:



Access to the internet and a device with access to the Web and/or text messages.  Can be any device:  tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, kiosks, other.  Limited access for simple phones.