Editing HTML using the Web GUI

Whether working on  live web pages, dynamic pages, software HELP pages, online forms or information, most HTML pages can be translated and updated using the attractive Web GUI.  This environment is particularly suited to translators, because displays all in context, and vastly increases the probability of accuracy.

This includes SEO and constant changes to keep your own software in the search engine’s eye.  Translators and editors work side-by-side with the original (see picture below) where most images and layouts display almost as a mirror of the original.

The right side of the “mirror” is the live web page itself as seen on the World Wide Web. The left is the translator or update side.  Just type over or replace the text on the left side then click “Save”.

This online software can be also used to continually change your pages and to translate and re-edit your pages, then submit to search engines. The more often you change the pages, the higher it will rank on the global engines.