You or your favorite translator can translate

Translate Your Software can be used by translators, without need to be a developer. Translate Your Software is password protected so that you or your favorite translator can translate on-line, or translate in a special MS Word or Excel file. If your project is in multiple languages, the password dictates the language that your translator can access. The ability to see screen shots or video is extremely helpful to assure a good translation. There is a professional Glossary Feature in Translate Your Software with the control required for consistency, plus foreign spellchecks and more. If you would like to have your translation reviewed, visit the Directory of Translators for help at a mouse click.

Pro: You or your favorite translator can translate from anywhere in the world, and perform translation reviews. When done, click to produce everything you need. Your project is saved in a private, secure database so that you can add new languages anytime.

Con: No obvious down-side. Translate Your Software is so inexpensive that will not really affect the overall project cost.