Your clients and their employees can translate

One of the greatest advantages to using Translate Your Software is that clients and global employees can participate from anywhere in the world. A secure personal database is automatically created for each customer. Translation and changes are limited to persons with passwords and permissions. With this approach, one project can be translated into dozens of languages by people in many countries, then can be reviewed and approved by other people in other countries.

Pro: The greatest benefit to this approach is that translations can be FREE, performed by employees or associates, located anywhere. Yet there is no messy exchange of computer files, no errors as to the most recent versions, nor missing files. Because Glossaries are shared, there is improved control of consistency, and new entries to the Glossaries appear almost instantly worldwide.

Con: To date, no down-side is perceived with this approach, except, perhaps, that some employees are not as reliable as others, or as qualified as others to translate or proofread. If you desire to have your translation reviewed, visit the Directory of Translators.