Private “Wiki-style” translation with a password

Made famous by Google’s Wikipedia, “Wiki” is now used to mean total free access by the general public to participate in on-line editing. For privacy, Translate Your Software provides a private version of “wiki-style” – one in which anyone with permission and password can participate in translation, review and approval cycles. This approach is excellent for groups, such as corporations or organizations, that want to work together on translation projects. Users with passwords can change or update translations. For protection, there is an “Approved For Release” feature that will freeze a final version, if desired, to prevent further modification.

Pro: This is an excellent group activity, and can mean that translation can be free of charge to the project owner, yet the quality can turn out to be good. When many people participate in a project, the end result is often one of good grammar and accuracy as long as the members are educated. With Wiki-style, the final result will be acceptable – and importantly – FREE – but will not be instant. There will be a long pause for many people to be involved.

Con: Achieving a free translation of good quality through group participation will take longer than hiring a translator. Many people must participate because the participants will be amateur translators, never perfect. It also takes time to attract participants to this project and give them time input. So, with Wiki-style, your translation will improve with age and number of visitors.