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Email a request for translation and an experienced professional translation manager will handle the job, or select a translator from a list of selected, pre-qualified, highly experienced translators are assembled in the Directory of Translators, categorized by specialization: general business, technical, training, financial, and technology. Using these translators, and following the guidelines provided, gives you a 100% guarantee for quality and professionalism. Normally, engaging the proper translator for your project can be the riskiest decision for a project. But using translators from the Directory of Translators removes the risk.

Pro: Because translators in the Directory come with a quality guarantee, the benefit to this approach is the peace of mind that comes with using professionals with decades in your field.

Con: Because the translators in the Directory are some of the finest, they are not the cheapest translators on the planet. As with any business, there is a relationship between cost and quality. Prices are market rate, and quality far exceeds the general hit-and-miss selection of translator or translation agency.