Automated translation “trainable” to your product

Translate Your Software has built-in automated translation software in over a dozen languages. This software will provide better results than the freeware peppering the internet. The cost to use this software is only pennies, but has a great advantage over freebies – the ability to train the software and improve its results. There is a Glossary feature in the Translation Center that enables you to pre-translate and control translation of selected words and expressions. To clarify this Glossary control, consider the phrase:

“Click Log In, then enter your password”.

For the expression log in, freebie automated software often returns in chopped wood, and enter may be auto-translated as come in. With the Translation Center’s Glossary Feature, you can pre-designate exactly how “log in” and “enter” should be translated for this project or client, for this particular language. Translate Your Software will remember this preference for other projects.

Pro: The overriding advantage to automated translation is that it is cheap cheap cheap. Automated translation enables companies that could not otherwise translate anything, to begin to provide basic support for people who speak other languages.

Con: The whole world truly wishes that automated translation would be perfect, but it is not. Automated translation produces translated text that is longer, chunkier, heavier and more stilted than text by a professional translator. And often, let’s face it, very funny. Any automated translation should be “cleaned” by a native speaker. It is important to note that excellent professional translators will not clean up automated translations. Not because translators are snobs, but because they are artists, and automated translation is simply too discombobulated, even though may be almost intelligible.