API for IT and webmasters

The developers of these sofware are the developers of Translate Your World (“TYW”), the mega-website that houses a dozen software and directories for media and web globalization plus project internationalization. Most of the software functions and features are available to developers via an API. The API connection enables developers of web pages, subtitles, video games, training and other applications to use the software of Translate Your World remotely anytime and on-demand, by calling for data or TYW functions via API.

What can developers do?

  • Translate web pages, subtitles, captions, text or prompts via web with more controlled automated translation, in which glossaries and preferences can be indicated
  • Send new webpages via API for professional translation, then retrieve the results via API or click to download ready-to-use web pages or Excels
  • Translate software menus, prompts, sentences, paragraphs, forms
  • Extract and use professional translations created and stored in TYW, including web pages, subtitles, prompts, game text, scripts or general text
  • Make SQL type calls on your data in TYW. Because each database is personal, not shared, the database and its content are yours to manipulate
  • Use a variety of functions built into TYW such as search-replace, reformatting data, timecode adjustments, data modification, and export data in a variety of programming languages, encodings, edit lists, and more
  • Send data to TYW for professional translation, then, when translation is finished, retrieve it from TYW via API and use it anywhere in your projects.
  • Translate interface code on the fly (using glossary preferences), or organize professional translation of your interface and receive it back as text, columns, spreadsheet, or code
  • Send code (XML, Subtitle edit lists, Flash XML, VXML, HTML, Java, and more) to TYW for automated or professional translation of the translatable text inside the code, then retrieve the localized code results. TYW can also be prepared to import and translate text inside proprietary and customized code of most types
  • Make universal edits across all languages, such as deleting blocks of subtitles, universally moving text elements, adding blocks, swapping content order, resorting