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Streaming Translation for your Web Event

When internationalizing your web event, there are two approach choices: 1)  Streaming Translation can be used with other web software, or 2)  Streaming Translation can be built into your own website Streaming Translation with your software For anyone giving an online webinar, training or conference Streaming Translation can be used to internationalize your web event […]

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Computer Voices Movie

Below is an example of the computer voices available.  These voice recordings are created simply by passing text through the software.  That is why tours and exhibit information can be updated at anytime – the “voice” is just waiting for you to add your new text!   [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”dynamic” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”480″ height=”272″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]   […]

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Features of Translate Your Tour

TYT is an ensemble is designed to provide a multi-language tour environment that is ideal for facilities.  Includes every option imaginable for tour patter, displays, show moderators, events: What Translate Your Tour Brings to the Table TYT Online Tour Creation Interface:  TYT provides a user interface for easy creation of a tour online.  Alternatively, an […]

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Global Recruiting Package

Back Translate Your Training & Courses offers the first recruiting software specifically for attracting, convincing, and conversing with international students and their parents.  The Global Recruiting Package includes: (1)  Marketing software Try the first easy-to-use marketing software designed specifically to attract global audience. Create and control international marketing campaigns right online from your laptop, then […]

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Translation Options

Back Translate Your Training & Courses offers all of the translation options you could ever need with a solution for every budget: 5 options for voice translation and interpretation 3 options for text translation Interpretation (1)  Voice interpretation:  Interpretation is voice translation, and TYTC is your own personal United Nations, without the booths and without […]

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LIVE Interactivity

Back Interactivity is a remarkable feature of Translate Your Training & Courses.  Most remarkable is the fact that the interactivity is in up to 20 languages at the same time.   There is a field on each student’s screen where they can type comments, answers, or questions, then click to send.  If the text is not […]

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LIVE Subtitles and Post-Subtitles

Back Real-Time Text is perhaps an exciting and remarkable feature of Translate Your Training & Courses. When your teacher speaks, what he/she says is instantly turned into readable text in up to 20 languages. What does this mean? This means that people who are hard of hearing or ESL can read what the teacher is […]

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LIVE Real-Time Voice Translation

Back The most revolutionary feature of Translate Your Training & Courses is the automatic voice translation in real-time, instantly as the instructor speaks.  So, you could say that your teachers speak 20 languages! Imagine – one teacher with students in 20 countries, and your teacher only speaks English.  With TYTC, your instructor speaks in English, […]

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Overview – Translate Your Training & Courses

Back Translate Your Training & Courses (“TYTC”) is a virtual global education software that empowers you to easily translate your courses in a variety of ways, some with up to 90% savings over traditional methods.   TYTC also includes global marketing software and international recruiting software. Training and courses using TYTC are compatible with most devices […]

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Translate Your Tour – Main Menu

Overview   Creating your tour   Translating existing audio & video   LIVE real-time voice translation   Subtitles mobile, movies, kiosks, walls   Marketing software to attract visitors   Post-visit promotions and tickets   Global Insta-Chat customer service   Options for Translating Your Tour  

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