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API Details

API’s available from Tywi: For existing applications, Tywi provides APIs that can be integrated and used to automatically localize existing applications. Tywi APIs include: • Speech recognition (speech-to-text) that creates captions • Text-to text translation of the caption text with special dictionaries plus Tywi’s Context Engine • Text-to-speech (TTS) synthesized audio to speak the translated […]

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Q: What is the System Localizer? A: The System Localizer was formerly desktop software newly brought to the Web intended for use by developers plus marketers, sales people, product managers, and any other non-technical person whose decisions influence the user interface for a software application. It offers an online private database containing content decisions and […]

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Getting Started

Below are the 4 major Sentence (or “Entry”) types. To create these types of entries, go to the Main Menu, and click on Developer Center. Pick a template that seems to correspond to what you desire to accomplish. Below is specific information on entering the 4 main types of entries in their simpler forms. CS […]

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Dates and Times

DATE LEGEND: D Day M Month Yr Year O ordinal To “the” plus ordinal N number Dow Day Of Week W With No without onDate Date that includes the word “on” – or includes an “understood” word “on” isDate Date to be used when a “to be” word is present or “understood”, such as “today […]

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Sample of Use

ORIGINAL SENTENCE (aka “Entry”) ==CV_ SENT001 [0] Please hold while I try the operator. [1] Please hold while I try <PT_Mbox_Owner_Name#2> . [2] Please hold while I try <numberAftNounDigitByDigit|N1|#3> . [3] Please hold while I try the guest. [4] Please hold while I try the administrator. [5] Please hold while I try the fax machine. […]

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Sentence Basics

GlobalConcat System Localizer (aka “System Localizer”) divides system input into the following areas: 1. Text only. This is straight text, perhaps with artistic layout information included, which text is transferred from a database to a System Localizer extract file. Then, the Runtime Engine calls the extract file and transfers that text and its attributes to […]

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Editing HTML using the Web GUI

Whether working on  live web pages, dynamic pages, software HELP pages, online forms or information, most HTML pages can be translated and updated using the attractive Web GUI.  This environment is particularly suited to translators, because displays all in context, and vastly increases the probability of accuracy. This includes SEO and constant changes to keep […]

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System Localizer The Design and Translation Process Non-Technical Perspective The online System Localizer interface brings the desktop version to easier and broader audience. The System Localizer is a combination of support for the developer and support for translation management and was created specifically for software and IVR developers, game designers, and similar. The System Localizer […]

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