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Computer Voices Movie

Below is an example of the computer voices available.  These voice recordings are created simply by passing text through the software.  That is why tours and exhibit information can be updated at anytime – the “voice” is just waiting for you to add your new text!   [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”dynamic” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”480″ height=”272″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]   […]

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Features of Translate Your Tour

TYT is an ensemble is designed to provide a multi-language tour environment that is ideal for facilities.  Includes every option imaginable for tour patter, displays, show moderators, events: What Translate Your Tour Brings to the Table TYT Online Tour Creation Interface:  TYT provides a user interface for easy creation of a tour online.  Alternatively, an […]

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Translate Your Tour – Main Menu

Overview   Creating your tour   Translating existing audio & video   LIVE real-time voice translation   Subtitles mobile, movies, kiosks, walls   Marketing software to attract visitors   Post-visit promotions and tickets   Global Insta-Chat customer service   Options for Translating Your Tour  

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Translating Pre-Existing Audio & Video

Back TYT software offers 3 options for translating pre-scripted or pre-existing audio and/or video for tours and attractions: (1)  Provide your own recording in any languages you have available. (2)  Use the incredibly life-like computer voices (like Apple’s Siri) that turns written text into spoken audio voice using built-in synthesized speech technology.  Click to hear […]

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Post-Visit Promotions and Tickets

Back The Contact Center of Tranlsate Your Tour gives you the tools to create a relationship with your visitors, turning visitors into friends and fans.  Friendly contact with visitors after their experience at your facility can powerfully impact return visits and encourage spreading the word about you to their friends.  Translate Your Tour comes with […]

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Marketing Software to Attract Visitors

Back Translate Your Tour offers much more than a personalized tour, it is also a marketing engine with everything built-in to increase traffic to your facility and create loyal visitors: Marketing to drive new traffic Increased visitor pleasure while inside your attraction Post-marketing after their visit All in a friendly, professional manner.   And all […]

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Subtitles on Smartphones and Big Screen

Back Translate Your Tour provides everything to translate your audio and video, including both subtitles and audio voice options.  The TYT media translation software are so easy to use that your staff can translate your media, or request a free cost quote from the TYT professionals. Subtitles Subtitles are the text of the movie usually […]

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LIVE Real-Time Voice Translation

Back The most breathtaking feature of Translate Your Tour is the automatic voice translation in real-time, instantly as the tour guide speaks.  So, you could say that your tour guide speaks 20 languages! Imagine – a bus group of Chinese tourists comes to your facility, and your tour guide only speaks English.  With TYT, the […]

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Global Insta-Chat Customer Service

Back Translate Your Tour is your own personal international customer service software compatible with almost all devices from smartphones to desktops.  Using Global Insta-Chat on your website reduces repetitive call volume while providing even more personalized service.  Drop the Global Insta-Chat or a link to the chatbox onto your website. Visitors click to open a […]

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Real-Time Text – LIVE Subtitles

Real-Time Text is perhaps the most remarkable feature of Translate Your Tour.  When your tourguide speaks, what he/she says is instantly turned into text in up to 20 languages.  What does this mean?  This means that people who are hard of hearing can read what the tourguide is saying like captions on a television.  And […]

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