Simultaneous Interpretation on the Web

  • Simultaneous interpretation via internet
  • Interpreters located anywhere in the world
  • Interpretation into and out of your choice of language
  • At your choice of time and date
  • Interpreters available to you anytime, anywhere
  • In as many languages as you need on any day
  • And for as long as you need


Internet simultaneous interpreters

@International Services is delighted to announce availability of simultaneous interpretation on the Web. You can travel with your own private United Nations – but without the expense that is usually associated with interpretation: airplane tickets for the interpreter, hotels, travel, per diems… Because your interpreter is waiting for you on the Web. And if you need interpretation into another language on the same day or same trip, all can be organized smoothly and professionally for as many languages as required.

Our interpretation team or yours

@International Services offers truly fine professional interpreters, highly experienced in simultaneous work. They speak at almost the exact same time as whomever you wish to understand. This avoids the lengthy waiting for consecutive interpretation – that usually drags out a meeting interminably. Or perhaps you are at a conference and need interpretation of a prospective client or a speaker. Just a bit of planning can mean the difference between success in closing a deal and failure to close.

Simultaneous interpreters online

Because the interpreters are online, they can literally be located anywhere in the world – back in your home country or even in your office. Or they can be in Europe, Asia, South America — wherever the right person for the job is located.

You can find out much more about this service by visiting our software development site: @International Services and its partner, IntelaText, have taken the major expense out of simultaneous interpretation. No more need to travel, lodge, or feed the interpreters. But more. The software also eliminates the need for booths, cables, audio engineers, and all of the other expenses that accompany the traditional approach to interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation also as subtitles

Another new feature of @International Services’ software is that in many languages the voice of the interpreter can appear as subtitles, if this is desirable. This is particularly useful if the conference or webinar is being broadcast over the internet. People around the world can choose the language in which they want to read the conference speeches or breakout rooms — because not only does the interpreter’s voice stream over the internet, but also the words spoken by the interpreter appear as subtitles. And those subtitles are automatically translated in up to 40 languages at the same time. In this way, people around the world can select their language of choice.