Translate Your Training

Tywi Training translation is amazing voice translation for training, e-learning and courses.  One person can train or teach anyone anywhere around the world because when you speak in your language, attendees read or hear in their language with this automatic voice translation software.  Up to 78 languages are support in one single training session – either as subtitles or voice-to-voice.

Compatible with laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices, Tywi Training translation can be used in conjunction with any web-based conferencing software such as WebEx, Go To Webinar, Zoom, and others.  Tywi Training also offers low-bandwidth web communication (nothing to download or install) for attendees with lower quality internet access.

One company saved $23,000 and another calculated $200,000 savings through centralized training resources. Tywi Training also converts the speaking voice into real-time captions in the original language (e.g. English) for ESL speakers of other native languages and for the deaf. Also brings a course up to ADA compliance.

Live Voice Translation

What you say is converted in up to 78 languages at the same time with this voice translation software.   You teach and train as you always would, speak clearly, and don’t talk like a freight train.  The listeners select their preferred language – to either read as subtitles or hear you as a translated voice.   There are 4 options for translation from 100% automated to 100% human.

Professional Voice Recording

If you have voices associated with your training, voice prompts, or paragraphs, Translate Your World has been professionally translating media for over 30 years.  Just email to us to order attractive, affordable voice talents in 70 languages (human professional voiceovers).