Creating Your Tour


Translate Your Tour (“TYT”) is a virtual tour guide to inspire and delight your visitors. Share your knowledge and passion for your facility, garden, museum or gallery as a personal tour with its own personality in both words and accompanying audio. With TYT you choose how to create and maintain your tour content.   Almost anyone can create a tour quickly and easily, then add, update, delete, and modify your tour content in minutes. Then, it can be translated into 20 languages in a variety of ways, one of which is sure to fit your budget!

Creating Your Tour

Create Your Tour online or create it in an Excel document or MS Word with tables.  Translate Your Tour will import your Excel or MS Word in seconds and turn it into a wonderful living breathing mobile tour viewable on smartphones, tablets, kiosks, and monitors.

Organizing Your Tour

Create your tour by planning in advance.  Think of the natural ways to divide your tour into sections.  If you are a museum, divide your tour into “rooms” and list the displays in each room and their descriptions in the order in which people see the items.  One Excel for each room, or you can type right online in the Translate Your Tour software.

Just fill in the information, and you have created your tour!   Go online to the Translate Your Tour software, click to import your file, and your tour will be automatically created for you in seconds!