Overview – Translate Your Tour


Translate Your Tour (“TYT”) is a “virtual tour guide software” that empowers you to easily create tours compatible with most devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, wall monitors, projectors, LCDs, and kiosks.   TYT is perfect for individual personal tours as well as large rooms and groups.  Translate Your Tour also has subtitle software for your movies, plus a variety of voice audio creation options.  Anyone with access to the internet, including Wifi and Mifi, can use Translate Your Tour with or without a tour guide.

Once your tour is created – either by you or by a TYT professional – then your tour can be quickly available in up to 20 languages through a variety of translation options, one of which will fall within your budget.

How It Works

Visitors can view or hear the tour on their own device or on your device.  Once the visitors have a link, number, or code, then they can access the tour information – including movie subtitles – in their own language just by entering an identifier or scanning a code.  Because visitors can choose their own language, a person who is deaf may select English while their neighbor selects Spanish or Chinese or Russian.

LIVE Tour Guides

Translate Your Tour offers a hybrid of pre-planned tour text plus real-time live speech support for your tour guides.

Example:  Your tour guide is talking to a group of visitors.  Those who are hearing impaired and those who do not speak the guide’s language will tap a link on their phone to read a text summary – or hear an audio summary -  of what the tour guide is saying. 

When the tour guide’s patter stops, and the guide asks, “Any questions?”, then the global guests can text questions to the tour guide in their native language.  The questions will be automatically translated on the tour guide’s smartphone.   When the tour guide speaks the answers into a smartphone or headset, the tour guide’s words will be back-translated on the guest’s smartphones and – amazingly! – can be as heard as automatic voice translation in the foreign language.