• Giving global presentations in 78 languages simultaneously
  • Marketing globally to attract new customers
  • Holding meetings in multiple languages
  • Streaming your conference or trade show in multiple languages
  • Offering multi-language customer service or tech support
  • Taking your university course or training class global
  • Searching for partners, distributors, and products
  • Teaching employees or students in any country

Software that overcomes language barriers

Break the language barrier with ease. Communicate comfortably across cultures for business or pleasure. Imagine enjoying an online conversation – spoken or typed – with people in other countries, sharing your product with prospective buyers in a multi-language webinar, teaching globally, or delighting your organization with multi-country events.

When you speak in your language, your audience around the world actually hears you speak or reads subtitles of what you say in Chinese, French, Spanish – because with Tywi you speak 78 languages.   All less expensively and with greater control than ever before possible.

Your Choice, Your Way

Choose your preferred method of translation: automated, human, or hybrid of the two.  For 100% automated, what you say or type is automatically translated in up to 78 languages.  You have your own personal online “glossary” – a dictionary that you can use to improve the results of automated translation by inserting your preferences.  For the human side, use professional translators, interpreters, colleagues, or do-it-yourself.

Advertise Your Event

This software is part of our larger platform called Translate Your World for complete language control that includes the ability to use Tywi to translate text for blogs and emails.  With these new, affordable ways to market your event at home and around the world, you will find new, ever-expanding audiences to attract.


When your event is over, send a Thank You mobile blast with an invitation to re-experience or pay-per-view online with subtitles or translated voice.   Use the software to send surveys, advertising, games, and voting campaigns.  There is also software to subtitle your event that anyone can use, no media experience required.