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Overview – Translate Your Tour

Back Translate Your Tour (“TYT”) is a “virtual tour guide software” that empowers you to easily create tours compatible with most devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, wall monitors, projectors, LCDs, and kiosks.   TYT is perfect for individual personal tours as well as large rooms and groups.  Translate Your Tour also has subtitle software for your […]

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Translating Your Tour

Back With Translate Your Tour you can attract and please international visitors by offering your tour in up to 20 languages. You can choose the route you wish to take in converting your tour to other languages: (1)  Premium approach:  If you are experienced in translation, you will discover that Translate Your Tour has everything […]

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Creating Your Tour

Back Translate Your Tour (“TYT”) is a virtual tour guide to inspire and delight your visitors. Share your knowledge and passion for your facility, garden, museum or gallery as a personal tour with its own personality in both words and accompanying audio. With TYT you choose how to create and maintain your tour content.   Almost […]

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