Entertainment Industry

The many software in Translate Your World bring a world of new possibilities to the entertainment industry for global promotion and stimulation of international fan-base.  These new software are designed for global social interaction with a choice of LIVE experiences in real-time or post-event international interaction spanning multiple timezones across 40 languages.   All software offer the user a choice of DIY (do-it-yourself) and an option to request experienced professional support.




Global Marketing Campaigns

Translate Your World (“TYW”) includes the first easy-to-use global marketing software designed specifically to attract a worldwide audience through mobile engagement. Mobile blasts have a 40% open rate and 19.2% click-through rate, making mobile marketing the most effective in the industry.  Whether mobile blasts, movie trailer clips, or international videomail, TYW’s mobile engagement marketing software smoothly organizes worldwide campaigns in 200 languages and dialects all designed specifically to stimulate response and increase fan-base.


Mobile Marketing

Gather precious mobile numbers and permissions to contact fans and followers through intelligent use of sign-ups and opt-ins, then deliver interactive rich media, movies trailers, teasers, images, and audio in 200 languages and dialects throughout your production phase.  With our software, clips and promotional videomail can be subtitled and text localized to the target market.  The do-it-yourself software places powerful global functionality into the hands of your experienced marketers, public relations, and advertising professionals.


Global Internet Channel and Fan-Building

The LIVE real-time automated voice translation enables lightening fast subtitles in 40 languages and instant multi-language versions of interviews.  Use the power of interviews with your cast, crew, director, prop masters, makeup specialists, costumers, and more to build your online internet channel – promoting and advertising your production from Day 1.  The fan base begins to build long before revealing your content.  TYW offers professional translation and 1,500 international voice actors – in addition to the automated software – for your promos and documentaries.  Our skilled people will be at your fingertips whenever you need support in Beijing, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow, Tokyo, and all major cities of the world.

Mobile VIP App

The Mobile VIP application is tailored to follow the production from start to finish, with “chapters” covering interviews, clips, promotions, autographed pictures, and exchanges with the cast, creatives, script writers, and crew members. The application gathers and stores images and autographed digital pictures in a gallery, organizes clips and trailers, offers tickets and VIP perks to fans, plus a mini-store for promotional items.


Geo-location and Geo-fencing

The Translate Your World software includes the functionality of geo-location, enabling the entertainment professional to control advertising and promotion based upon the location, device settings, and language of the recipient.  The software narrows the scope of contact to persons walking by a retail store, exhibit tent, or attraction, or can target a specific language, region, city, or group.


Use Games to Stimulate Audience Participation

Create and disseminate audience-building games and challenges in up to 200 languages and dialects. Stimulate the fan-base while increasing visibility around the world.  Use the online interface for campaign creation and execution in multiple languages. Plus multi-language follow-up, registration, and mobile contact database building.  TYW also partners with StageBloc online software, used by Lady GaGa, that concentrates on building and steering your fan base to attend live events and concerts.



Global Photo Post

Take pictures in front of a branded backdrop, live production photos, souvenir photos, and/or brand ambassadors roam the crowd snapping memorabilia shots. If a celebrity is in the photo, the celebrity may sign the picture directly on the touch-screen device. Within seconds, the photograph is texted to everyone in the photo, arriving with a digitally branded frame or posted to preferred social media with pre-scripted verbiage about the production, all in choice of 200 languages and dialects. The most prized photo may be saved as wallpaper, texted to friends, and shared with one-click to all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. When the post/tweet is sent, it carries with it the photograph as well as the approved pre-scripted verbiage to ensure proper branding control.