Global Customer Service

Whatever your business, Tywi Global Customer Service software is your own personal  customer service, tech support, and global communicator compatible with almost all devices from smartphones to desktops.  Using Tywi Global Customer Service on your website reduces repetitive call volume while providing customers of other languages and the Deaf with even more personalized service.  Agents chat and speak across languages to multiple customers simultaneously. Tywi Global Customer Service empowers businesses, hotels and conference facilities to provide enriched concierge services in multiple languages from anywhere at anytime.

Drop a link onto your website. Visitors click to open a text chat with you in any language. The agent can click to add audio conferencing, video, translated voice-to-voice, and screen share.  If you are offline, Tywi Global Customer Service will follow and ping your mobile devices, then display a complete and full version of the software on your tablet or smartphone.

1) Basic Customer Service
A click on the chat icon brings up a chat box. The chat box can be attractive and creative, more personal to you and your visitor.  The user types a question into the box, and you answer. The box can contain pictures, subtitled movies, audio, and vary with the page and your answer.  If the question is not typed in your language, it will be translated for you, and your answer will be translated back for the user on reply.  Compatible with desktop, tablet, laptop, and smartphone.

2) Professional Chat
For both Customer Service and Technical Support, the professional version of Tywi Global Customer Service contains major features not available elsewhere including multi-language, professional dictionaries, personal dictionaries, screen share, camera share, and multi-media capabilities.  The software is easy to use and versatile, with nothing to download or install.  Agents may be located anywhere and the support software will follow them from one device to another.