Global Mobile VIP


Special guests will receive a ‘Day-Of’ text with all pertinent information and also a Mobile VIP Pass that they use to gain admittance into a specified ‘VIP Only’ section.

The guard will ask to see the Mobile VIP Pass, and once the button is engaged to display this pass, it disappears off the device and is replaced with a message showing they’ve already been seated.

This single or Multi-redemption trackable VIP Pass prevents passes from forwarding to others and provides a way for us to track their actions during an event.

Adaptable for dozens of languages, Mobile VIP is perfect for sponsors, members, ticket-holders, or guests at varying levels of status.  Or, the categories can be used to create your own diary, mobile multi-page directory, or fan-photo categories.  This trackable feature may also be paired with Geo-Location capabilities to track a person’s where-abouts for larger venues or across the globe.

For an added level of security, a double-factor identifier may also be required such as a four-digit PIN code or separately delivered password.