Global Marketing and Messaging


Translate Your World includes the first easy-to-use global marketing software designed specifically to attract a worldwide audience from mobile campaigns to international videomail.   Mobile blasts have a 40% open rate and 19.2% click-through rate, making mobile marketing the most effective in the industry. TYW’s mobile engagement marketing software smoothly organizes worldwide campaigns in 200 languages.  More software stimulate response and increase fan-base.




Gather precious mobile numbers and permissions to contact through intelligent use of sign-ups and opt-ins while delivering rich media, movies, images, audio, interactive in 200 languages and dialects.


The TYW software “sniffs” the recipient’s device for screen size and preferences, then serves up exactly what the device requires in the target language. Movies can be subtitled  and graphics and text localized to the target market.


Create and disseminate audience-building games and challenges in up to 200 languages and dialects. Stimulate the fan-base while increasing visibility around the world.

Use the online interface for campaign creation and execution in multiple languages. Plus multi-language follow-up, registration, and mobile contact database building.


Astonish your global contacts with the power of subtitled videomail, enticing them in their own language.   Send subtitled “thank you” videomails after personal meetings or as a follow-up to an international networking event.  Managers and corporate leaders share messages and pep-talks quickly and easily with their employees and direct-reports around the world.  The software is so easy to use that managers can create video messages themselves without a staff of corporate communications.

CLICK HERE to see a video description of subtitled Voicemail

An alternative to subtitles is actual voice translation. Your recipient hears the message in his own language as synthesized computer voice (like Siri in various languages)
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