Mobile and Special Features

For attendees, Streaming Translation functions on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, PC, Mac, Android, Linux) equally as well as on laptops and desktops.  This offers organizers of web events the confidence to know that their Streaming Translation can be read/heard and understood by their audience in an appropriate manner on their preferred device.  Streaming Translation “sniffs” the device in advance to determine the type, screen size, and basic preferences, then serves up exactly what the viewer needs.

Unlike so many websites that have both a “laptop version” and a “mobile version”, with Streaming Translation if your webinar or presentation is properly prepared, the content will stretch or shrink to fit the screen and the translation elements will do the same.  One-size-fits-all.   The translation elements can be customized artistically and to sniff the language settings of the viewer’s device and display in the selected language.

Pre-Event Publicity

The mobile component of Streaming Translation gives the event organizer complete control over mobile marketing blasts, campaigns, and broadcasts to entice people to attend the event, plus provides the links and information required to attend.  These mobile campaigns can be intra-company inviting employees to a meeting or corporate communication, or can be advertising, games, and rewards.  Mobile blasts by Streaming Translation are created quickly and easily by the organizer using the online interface.  One of the strengths of Streaming Translation mobile is its ability to share rich media, moving images, even subtitled movies in the language of the recipient.  These translations can be automated or professionally translated.

Thank You, Contact, and Surveys

Mobile blasts also make an outstanding way to say “Thank you for attending”, pass important follow-up information, and encourage the attendee to attend the next event.  Streaming Translation comes with quick-to-build surveys, questionnaires, real-time voting, and contact forms that serve multiple purposes from gathering feedback on an event to determining if your audience is still listening and has not vanished into their email or left for a coffee break.

Global Insta-Chat

One of Streaming Translation’s most remarkable software is Global Insta-Chat, a chat software like none other.  Global Insta-Chat not only translates messages and text into and out of all major languages, but also has the ability to be visually eye-popping.  One person can handle up to 10 screens and 10 different languages at the same time.  Global Insta-Chat also empowers event organizers to provide Customer Service and Tech Support in 40 languages from their website.

In a learning setting, Global Insta-Chat can be used for “Remote Tutors”, giving one tutor the capacity to volley dozens of requests for information simultaneously from students, teachers, or direct-reports anywhere in the world asking questions in almost any language.

Global Insta-Chat performs equally well on mobile devices as on laptops.  It is not a dull text box, rather can be alive with rich media, images, and subtitled movies.  It can be used with scripted or unscripted messages, and takes just a click to send images, movies and media.  Conversations can be transferred to another person and the conversation will be translated into the language of the recipient.  All chat activity is saved in a database so that agents, managers and supervisors can review and follow the chronology:  dates, times, and history of activity.


For teaching professionals in particular, mobile is becoming increasingly important.  Global Insta-Chat gives facilitators, trainers and institutions new ways to communicate with international students, parents, and prospects in an attractive manner more suited to the young digital generation.   One of the options is a global chat layout on a base of images, audio, and movies – even subtitled movies! – where conversations can be exchanged in tweet-like blips to which the youth of today react positively.

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