Stream Sports & Events Globally

Stream your sporting competitions, radio shows, and events – in 20 languages at the same time! There has never been anything like this, and this is the way the world is going…global!

With streaming translation and streaming interpretation, any event is an international event. Increase your paid audience dramatically by drawing from the entire world of viewers, because now they can finally view your event in their own language.

From major channels to state assemblies, self-help classes to children’s programming, when you stream globally your event rises to a whole new level and draws a whole new audience.

Use the built-in global marketing software to create mobile marketing campaigns and global email campaigns to attract a new world of viewers.


Attract New Audiences to Your Event

Streaming Translation is part of the suite of software called Translate Your World.  Translate Your World is comprised of 11 online software that includes a complete marketing suite to attract and bring new viewers at home or around the world.  Watch your attendance increase and spread around the world as you offer your events in more languages each year.

Pay-Per-View After the Event

When your event is over, you can still invite pay-per-view experiences post-conference.   Or, offer viewers the chance to see and hear the highlights again as movies on the Web.  For your international invitees, the interpreted versions of your event can be heard, or subtitled versions can be created easily.  The time has come to wow the world with these new international capabilities!