NOT USED Streaming Interpretation

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Streaming Interpretation is the first online simultaneous interpretation software – right from your website!

For the first time, professional and amateur simultaneous interpreters can participate in your meeting, webinar, training or presentation from anywhere in the world.  The interpreter only needs a headset and a computer (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

How do you use it?  The interpreter goes to a URL, clicks in a field on the web page, and starts talking.  Attendees around the world choose their interpretation language of choice from a dropdown.

Streaming interpretation can be available in multiple languages at the same time.  Your event attendees select from up to 20 languages, and then chose to hear the interpreter’s voice or read what the interpreter says as subtitles while listening to the original speaker’s voice.

Event organizers have a freedom of language as never possible in the past:  use simultaneous interpreters for all languages, or use simultaneous interpreters for popular languages along with our automated LIVE real-time automated voice translation for languages in less demand.