Subtitled Videomail

  • Use the power of language to attract your audience
  • Send marketing videomail in 40 languages
  • Amaze your international contacts with translated video messages
  • Follow up with personal “thank you” in their language

Subtitled Videomail functions in conjunction with Translate Your World’s global marketing suite. Use it to advertise your company around the world, create unforgettable business messages to customers and prospects, and globalize your website and employee communications.  All without speaking a word of another language.

These video messages are compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, PC, Mac, Android, and Linux. Select subtitles in up to 40 languages for each video. And, of course, use video-mail in your language, too, for the hearing impaired or people who have trouble understanding your accent.   See demo of videomail


Personal Videomail

Personal Videomail messages are the most customized messages available on the market today.  No email or text message can compete with this face-to-face experience, except videomail.  That is why videomail has more personalized marketing punch than any blast or advertisement.  Your message is absolutely personal, directly in the target language.


Movie Videomail

Movie Videomail empowers you to send promotional advertising worldwide as mobile blasts or email blasts with the added attraction of language versatility.  Movie Videomail can be your product promotional video, generic elevator pitch, message from your executives, sales manager’s pep talk, or any other digital movie that is short and sweet.  The viewers will hear the voice and feel the impact while reading subtitles in their language. Consider TYW’s global marketing suite to send your message in multiple languages.


The online TYW interface helps you control your subtitle content in a variety of ways.  Choose 100% automated translation with built-in machine translation and personal dictionaries, or invite your professional translators and associates to participate.


Subtitled Videomail Partnership

Subtitled Videomail is a partnership between Translate Your World and CoVideo, the leader in personal video messaging, together bringing you the best in videomail and linguistic software.