Increase your attendance

Add hundreds or even thousands of participants to your conference by attracting more attendees from Asia, South America, Europe, Baltics, Scandinavia and the Middle East – on site and online.  Increase the global success of your exhibitors and sponsors.  How?  By offering your conference in up to 78 languages.

What was never before possible is possible today with Translate Your Conference, the software made specifically to convert what speakers say into up to 40 languages at the same time.  Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and wall monitors. The audience, booth visitors, and remote attendees select their language of choice, reading subtitles or hearing voice translation in their native tongue.  Add powerful mobile support applications, and the result is a new era in event marketing.


Streaming Translation turns spoken voice into subtitles.  Streaming Translation works in conjunction with a wide variety of speech recognition software (some cost-free).  The voice that creates the subtitles can be the voice of an interpreter, offering the highest accuracy rate for speech technology.   When using the automated translation, the original speaker’s voice is recognized and automatically translated.  Another option is a “parrot” – someone who trains the software for their voice – who repeats what the speaker says into a headset in the same language as the speaker.  Those words are automatically translated in up to 78 languages.

Simultaneous (human) or automatic interpretation

Voice-to-voice is your own personal United Nations – online streaming interpretation.  Voice-to-voice  offers two choices: (1) online simultaneous interpretation (human voice) or (2) computerized voice generated from subtitles.
A hybrid combination of subtitles and voice can also be offered, investing in interpreters for the languages with highest attendance rate, and automated for languages with fewer attendees.


The experience is also interactive.  Attendees anywhere ask questions in their own language.  Their questions are translated and delivered to the speaker in real time, surveys disseminated, opinions sought.  When the main hall presentation is over and attendees move to meet in breakout rooms, language support will again be available.

For Exhibitors

When presenting or demoing your product, translations stream across a monitor, a wall, or a device.  Then communicate with attendees across languages using tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

How many times has exhibit staff wished they could “bring in” their company expert located back at the office?  Virtual representation is now a reality.  With Streaming Translation, the exhibitor can bring their experts to the trade show –  in 78 languages – and even have a “virtual booth”.