Translate Your Tour

Translate Your Tour is the hottest way to attract and retain loyal visitors, spread the word about your city, state, museum, or gallery.  All at low cost with maximum impact.

By using today’s newest technology, your tour can not only be alive and personal for every visitor, but can attract new people who may never have visited simply by making the tour too attractive to resist -  in up to 200 languages!

Imagine this … your entire State is on Translate Your Tour.  As people drive through your state the “geo-location finder” on Translate Your Tour sends a text message to the visitor, inviting them to click – and an explanation of the historic site, the park, or the local attractions launches in the language of the driver!  Use Translate Your Tour to draw visitors to attractions, and then use Translate Your Tour to enrich the visitor experience inside the attractions themselves.  Translate Your Tour explains and clarifies artwork, antiques, or displays.

Conference Centers can use Translate Your Tour to keep the attendees up-to-date on what is happening – and where.  Where to find the next breakout group, where to find the next tour stop, where to find their friends, even where to eat or shop!

With Translate Your Tour you can create your own special tour and maintain it – in multiple languages! – or we’ll create it for you.  Translate Your Tour can be  read (on screen) and heard (voice) in almost any language.    Your tour stop patter and descriptions appear in your visitor’s language on cell phones, iPads, tablets, PCs, or wall monitors.

And more!  When your visitors  to hear the tour spoken in their own language, they can hear a professional voice recording or hear the marvelous new cutting-edge synthesized computer voices that can be changed, modified, replaced and re-recorded anytime at low cost.  Click to listen to this! …

Spanish computer voice      French computer voice      English computer voices