Translate Your Tour


Translate Your Tour is an amazing virtual tour guide for your facility, garden, museum, or gallery.  Today’s hottest technology makes your tour personal for every visitor.  TYT first draws new visitors to your facility with its marketing software,  then enriches their experience with descriptive text and narration – in up to 200 languages!

TYT is the first software with full interactivity between you and your visitors.  What your tour guide says is automatically translated in up to 20 languages simultaneously, and all visitors can ask questions from anywhere – in almost any language – and you can answer.

Marketing Opportunity

In addition to pre-visit marketing software, as people pass near your location our “geo-location finder” sends a message inviting them to come in, perhaps with a discount or short movie.  All marketing appears automatically in their language.  After their visit, use TYT to send souvenir photos, a “Thank you”, and a return invitation to “Forward to a Friend”.



Create Your Own Tour

With Translate Your Tour you can create a tour and maintain it right online or we will create it for you.  For translation into other languages, choose automated translation, do-it-yourself, or a professional translator from TYT.

Audio Voice Recording

  • Provide your own voice recordings
  • Select a professional talent from 1,000 TYT talents
  • Or use our newest cutting-edge synthesized computer voices that can be changed, modified, and replaced anytime at low low cost.


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