Translate Your Presentation & Webinar

Can you imagine…  you give your webinar in your language and invite people all around the world to hear it in their language?  Like a mini-United Nations, you speak and the translation appears at almost the exact same time as voice or text.

Translate Your Webinar is the first software made specifically to empower you to give presentations in almost any language – in up to 40 languages at the same time as subtitles, and up to 20 languages at the same time as translated voice.   Now that’s how business goes global!

Translate Your Webinar gives you control over the quality of your webinar translation:

  • Choose 100% automated – the software recognizes what you say and translates automatically.
  • Use your favorite translator or interpreter streaming LIVE.
  • Or click to order professional interpreter on-demand.



Translate Your Webinar is also interactive.  Your listeners can ask questions by typing in their own language and it will be translated for you so that you can answer!  Then, your answer will be translated into their language.


Attract International Attendees to your Webinar

Streaming Translation is part of the suite of software called Translate Your World.  Translate Your World is comprised of 11 online software that includes a complete marketing suite to attract and bring new viewers at home or around the world.  Watch your attendance increase and spread around the world as you offer your events in more languages each year.

Pay-Per-View After the Event

Offer viewers the chance to see and hear your webinar again after the event.  For your international invitees, the interpreted versions of your webinar can be heard or subtitled versions can be easily created.